About Mike


Ok, here’s the deal… I am just like you. Everyday for me is a learning experience in my life. The more I learn, the faster I seem to learn… Others educate me with invaluable information, helping me to learn, allowing my inner self to evolve… Giving me the ability to help others to learn what I know, aiding them, as others have aided me, on their journey to becoming a skilled and balanced Empath.

For about 10 years now, I have consciously been learning, living, and working towards a goal… Soul Evolution.

As Empath, I has always thrived to help others, in any way possible… But being given the right purpose to go with such an ability, is the steeping stones for peace on earth.

To help others to evolve and find purpose in their lives, and the ability to shape their reality based on their emotional desires… allowed me to realize that as an Empath, I had the power to help other people on a level that was rarely available, as such a comfort must be given out of love, compassion and above all understanding.

My passion is to help others.. help others to know they are not alone… That being an empath, or a HSP(highly sensitive person), or simply someone that is lost and needs some guidance.

A am very balanced, but still human. I have days that are better than others… energy that drains me, and energy that heals me. I am always trying to learn new ways to enlighten, heal, and expand my mind, body, and soul.

I am always happy to help unbalanced empaths find balance through helping them become informed on healing and balancing practices… as well as protection and available books or videos. I will be also posting my personal writing on here as well, as my writing also helps the empath, sensitive, or anyone else!

As an Empath, a decade ago, I did not have an support, and anyone I mentioned the word Empath to, thought I was nuts!!
But no matter what happened, I always new that what I was feeling was not only real.. but that it was not all mine. I knew I was feeling the emotions of others… and I never gave up on my search for balance… for to become balanced, was to begin healing the world.

I hope to make a lot of friends through writing and posting… as well as not only provide balance to others… but find my own balance.


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