We are the light… free of charge!

One of the single most rewarding feelings for me, is helping others. Helping people move forward, to believe in themselves, not only reaching their goals, but allowing me to witness the beautiful moment of realization… a moment without doubt… a moment of understanding and growth, clarity and perception of new capabilities they never thought possible.

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We are continually evolving into a society that is based on the motivation of the the individual. No action seems to be selfless anymore… As a result, individuals who help others selflessly often confuse others, as many have a natural thinking process beginning with “why are they doing this” or “what’s the catch?.”


Imagine this scenario… A Woman needs a lighter to light her cigarette… You notice, offer a light, and she looks you like if accepting this light is a proposal of marriage.lol. It’s tragic that individuals refuse genuine help or support out of fear of the motivation of others.
Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t think lighting a smoke means you are obsessed. The only thing worse than someone that is unappreciative, is someone who thinks you’re up to no good/trying to hurt them as the reaction to a kind gesture.


So ladies and gentleman… The next time someone wants to carry your groceries in the house, don’t question why… There are many genuine and wonderful people in this world, and they are the bread and butter of possibility for a more compassionate world… a world at peace…

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