Things are not always as they seem to be…

Individuals with high intelligence, will be in fact the last to know and believe they going insane. in Actuality, with the possibility of temporary psychosis, an intelligent person would not even notice, and it would seem from always being right, that in this instance, it is the rest of the world that is in fact insane.

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Recent events have shown me the power of truth this holds… To know that you are being wronged, by people you love and would die for, is a very upsetting feeling… To be told that you are wrong, when you know without a doubt that you are not, can only hold the conclusion that such individuals either don’t care or are simply cold blooded.


Believing is a power that can move mountains… always creating the path ahead of you. This path may be created from false assumptions growing with time into Beliefs, without the slightest thought or possibility that you may be indeed experiencing false truths.
We can only hope from these experiences, that we learn to question ourselves as much, if not more, than we do others. The only thing more upsetting than being wronged by loved ones… Is realizing that you were not wrong, but had taken action to defend yourself, against all advice given, and ultimately… you may lose those you hold dear.
This is vague philosophical recount of such an experience I have had, and that without a doubt, will have serious repercussions from the action I had taken to ensure my dignity remained intact.

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The solution for the individual, is to trust… Allow yourself to understand that people who love you, are not the individuals who will aim to harm you… In the end, to let murder go free, is.. in my opinion, a better substitute to condemning an innocent man to death. The price of a moment. Do not risk losing the ones you love at the expense of purging those you don’t… It is not now, nor will ever be, an acceptable risk.
The solution to individuals who suspect that such an episode is possibly in progress in someone they love, is not to simply the worst the people, nor to simply suggest the mere possibility of an episode, but to understand that the individual may with out a doubt believe and be acting upon what they believe to be truth. In no way was this person, changed, and decided to forsake those he loves. A “kick” may be necessary to at the very least, bring the individual into the realm of possibility that they may be experiencing false truths.

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Intention will always be the root to all creation, and the universe does recognize the difference between good and evil… It will continue to create your existence, hardening beliefs based on what an individual perceives as real. Belief allows us the luxury of knowing, without explaining… We need to trust in our beliefs in our fellow man, not questioning loyalty, but knowing that they are there, simply because they want to be.

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