Empath Daily Meditation

There are many daily meditation practices available for Empaths and Sensitives alike.   As I said in a previous post… I find that video or in person(obviously), gives the best connection to the speaker providing the practices.
In my opinion, YouTube has to be the most user friendly and has the most personal approach to get to know who you are learning from.  Here is a daily practice for empaths, allowing you to clear your energy… getting rid of any “garbage”.  I have viewed and personally used hundred of guided meditation and binaural beats videos.  This is by far one of the best I have used 🙂



The key to successfully clearing negative energy and balancing ones self… is routine.  There are many wonderful practices are are under rated due to individuals who quit before seeing results.  Remember to give it a chance, and eventually, your subconscious to automatically expect these negative energy clearing sessions, making things easier as they become more routine.

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