A moment of Clarity…


There are a few times in life, when everything, for but an instant, becomes clear. We may metaphorically be looking for a needle in a haystack on that particular day in our lives. No matter how much we aim to find it, there is no hope.
But… occurrences of these moments of clarity, allow us to for but a second, notice more truth in the world. It’s as though for a moment, we seem to understand the world, and know exactly where, or how to find our “needle” we desperately journey to search for.
Being in the right place, at the right time, and accepting the energy around us, in just the right manner, giving us the ability to interpret, with a sense of knowing.
The moment often passes with haste, and no matter the efforts, once again… we are once again lost to the moment. During these subtle fractional moments, we must harness this energy of clarity that comes so rarely.. or at the very least, learn to duplicate it’s essence.
Many are unaware of such graceful moments, for only a few see the world in it’s entirety.. even if only for a second.
The belief that these anomalies occur, gives the individual the ability to see such moments, and notice them as they come and go. This belief allows us to begin a journey into seeing more of the world… allowing beauty and harmony to surround us and protect us from the fears we also believe to be truth.

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