Everything becomes clear

Devastating events have the power to make one rethink one’s path in life. Noticing ones faults and flaws, and the pains one has caused others, can often only been seen at times of serious trauma, resulting in such sorrow and loss , that for a moment, one has the ability to see clearly that such a self-destructive pattern can only end in grief.


It is in these moments of clarity that we are given the opportunity to change one life… your life… and allow balance to resume by taking the more challenging, yet more honorable route.
We must always be aware of such moments, for they are a doorway to many possibilities.. one being the long, but glorious path of redemption, which must always be earned… allowing one to find peace, and continue ones journey for the pursuit of happiness.

Prayers to my Guides…

To my Teacher and Healer Guides,
Please send me the strength and wisdom to grow from my experiences, and the ability to see my faults, to not forsake my fellow man or his… allowing me the compassion and understanding to love unconditionally and help create a world of peace.


I firmly believe that many lessons learned are within us, and our ego never really notices the evolution process of the soul. But sometimes, we are lucky and in that moment notice the evolution creation process consciously, giving us the ability to co-create our world consciously, ensuring we accomplish what we can here to do…

Empath Daily Meditation

There are many daily meditation practices available for Empaths and Sensitives alike.   As I said in a previous post… I find that video or in person(obviously), gives the best connection to the speaker providing the practices.
In my opinion, YouTube has to be the most user friendly and has the most personal approach to get to know who you are learning from.  Here is a daily practice for empaths, allowing you to clear your energy… getting rid of any “garbage”.  I have viewed and personally used hundred of guided meditation and binaural beats videos.  This is by far one of the best I have used 🙂



The key to successfully clearing negative energy and balancing ones self… is routine.  There are many wonderful practices are are under rated due to individuals who quit before seeing results.  Remember to give it a chance, and eventually, your subconscious to automatically expect these negative energy clearing sessions, making things easier as they become more routine.

Thoughts for today…


At times, I feel like my healing, takes me away from helping those who relied on my presence to help them through tough times. I know all my friends are happy and hope for nothing but for my healing… but as an Empath, I feel as though fixing the entire world single-handedly is a burden that is mine to bear… Knowing that it is not my burden and letting things takes their course feels small compared to the feeling that I MUST help. I feel it is m purpose, but I know that one man cannot fix the world alone.
We all go through these moments, and they are not moments of weakness… but our inner empath trying to get out and heal the world.  All we can do is realize that we do have a part to play in the Earth’s healing… but one cannot hope to heal the world alone.


We must always have faith in who we are, no matter what situation that pushes against our beliefs and perceptions. Life was never meant to give us what is required to thrive… but to allow us the choice to seek such tools… tools that we can only believe exist.
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It is with this belief that we are able to thrive in a world that is constantly and regularly pulling us back back down, never letting up… testing us and our beliefs. It is the ability to push back that makes our beliefs strengthen, ultimately allowing faith to become truth.


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Belief. What is belief? Such a simple word… known to all as not only what we know to be true.. but is one of the the main core fundamental from which we perceive absolutely everything.
The belief structure of the individual is the very fabric that binds ones thoughts to their actions… The way we see the world is always a result of our belief.. for seeing the world as beautiful, can only bring more beauty.


Our thoughts vibrationally in tune with our beliefs of beauty… attracting similar vibrations such as compassion, love, and empathy… allowing balance to be earned.
The way we see the world, others, and ourselves… is a reflection of our beliefs. The way we chose to believe will correspond to the manner in which we think.. in which we feel… how we live and ultimately how we love others.



Accepting… then Wanting.

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I now realize that there is a difference between knowing that the reason you are here on this earth is to have a learning experience, allowing your soul to evolve… and actually wanting your soul to evolve. This was recently a groundbreaking and enlightening moment for me. Subtle Energies will teach you a lot… if you know how to listen.

How to Cope as an Empath

There are many methods and materials available to help to cope with being an empath in the beginning.  This burden becomes a gift with proper balance, and your gift no longer simply becomes tolerable or intolerable.  It becomes who you are, and with proper discipline, can change your life… enabling to heal yourself and others.
by RheanaPowers (orginal source)
In my personal opinion, when it comes to self-help or working with energy… Become educated through Audio Books and Videos, can have a much stronger effect.  The energy of the speaker is present, and it gives a more personal feeling, allowing comfort and the capability to relate and understand.
This does not mean to throw out all your books.  I have many books that have changed my life, but to listen to someone, see someone, or talk to someone in person, if much more effective.

A moment of Clarity…


There are a few times in life, when everything, for but an instant, becomes clear. We may metaphorically be looking for a needle in a haystack on that particular day in our lives. No matter how much we aim to find it, there is no hope.
But… occurrences of these moments of clarity, allow us to for but a second, notice more truth in the world. It’s as though for a moment, we seem to understand the world, and know exactly where, or how to find our “needle” we desperately journey to search for.
Being in the right place, at the right time, and accepting the energy around us, in just the right manner, giving us the ability to interpret, with a sense of knowing.
The moment often passes with haste, and no matter the efforts, once again… we are once again lost to the moment. During these subtle fractional moments, we must harness this energy of clarity that comes so rarely.. or at the very least, learn to duplicate it’s essence.
Many are unaware of such graceful moments, for only a few see the world in it’s entirety.. even if only for a second.
The belief that these anomalies occur, gives the individual the ability to see such moments, and notice them as they come and go. This belief allows us to begin a journey into seeing more of the world… allowing beauty and harmony to surround us and protect us from the fears we also believe to be truth.

Leap of Faith

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Taking a leap of faith during our most darkest moments give us perspective to the reality of who we really are. We believe with the power of thought, we can create every waking moment as we believe it should be.
Imagining the glory we hold from persevering in a world where anyone can be anything, especially for the sake of another… we still believe the safety of reality is within our grasps, for in our mind, we are eternal, and cannot be limited by mere aspects or values based around fear.
We are during this time in the realm of possibility, though we must accept that this is only a dream… we are not in a waking moment, but within ourselves, creating as we see fit. To be exiled from such a realm, is to embrace reality at it’s core, and chose to believe that we simply are that we are.