Believe and Attract Abundance!

Rediscovering balance in ones life can at times seem foreign to individuals caught in a perpetual moment of chaos. All that we have come to know and understand can be measured by the level of experience we surrender to. Belief in one self.. in others, and in life is purely an echo of thought and perception. Our experiences and values derived from the memory of past endeavors, directly affect our will to notice the beauty in every aspect of life.
The future possibilities… remains an endless ocean of wisdom.. a library of existence of our own creation… for what we think, we are.. and what we are, we attract. Discovering the wisdom that defines our very nature, exists purely because our search and will to seek such wisdom exists within us.


Belief in such energies attracted and co-created by the very dreams we hold so dear, and believe to be not within our grasp.. are the foundation and stepping stones of what we hope to find on our journey, defining the existence of our search.
The manner in which our thought creates and attract abundance and gains the wisdom from which life flows, is directly proportionate to our will to evolve, thrive, and find prosperity for not only in ourselves… but in others. This is not a due to lack of perceptions or dreams… nor is it a result of a lack of will.. but is simply the absence of belief itself.
To change our lives, we must change the way we perceive life itself. The wisdom we seek is but within us… the subconscious manifestation of the beliefs we hold so dear. We live in a world of acceptance and judgement.. a world of ego, resulting in many, evading, seeking refuge within the beliefs of others. Safety from the unknown possibility of fear itself.. existing purely within us, an attraction of the way we think and believe.


Love is what makes up the universe. Our present technology and evolution of the soul on Earth can only develop to a certain extent, as mankind does not yet comprehend and understand that love is necessary to evolve and become what we thrive to be. Energy takes all kinds of forms of creativity.. but when one is using greed or hatred, or any thought or emotion that is not working towards the light… we are only permitted to go so far.
There is only a limited amount of information available to that sort of vibration. Love is the foundation… the basic building blocks. When one has love… ALL POSSIBILITIES EXIST. In order to thrive in a world of possibility, we must change our thoughts and perceptions, allowing the light to enter our hearts and our minds… Only then, can we find our purpose, allowing our beliefs to evolve, and begin healing ourselves, others, and the Earth.
(the last two paragraphs in BLUE are from one of my favorite quotes from the Audio Book “Bringers Of The Dawn” by: Barbara Marciniak. ¬†Everything else is ME!)

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