Welcome to my Blog!!

Welcome to my new Blog!! Here I’ll be posting my personal writing… My personal experiences and views on this world and the next… as well as any help I can offer through information or practical ways be become balanced as an Empath.

This blog is also for those who wish to understand inside the mind of Empath. I am currently getting ready for a move from North Bay, Ontario… to Calgary Alberta, but will be postings frequently.
Once settled in Calgary, I will be adding a YouTube channel, and offer my opinions the best books that have worked for me, a well as one’s I choose to avoid. Any opinion of negative significance, will be followed by a positive review on any books available as substitutes. I will also be talking about issues, beliefs, and ways of life that matter to me deeply.
This blog’s main focus is to post my writing,that within itself contains healing properties. Many of the in dept thoughts that I write about, are thoughts and possibilities that one considers, but never writes in depth. In other words… like anything… it becomes common sense. I am also focusing on giving any information I find to be helpful to individuals sensitive to the energy of others.
Hope to see again soon!


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