Trust your Intuition

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Many individuals base a lot of their decisions on what others think… Their ego taking control as usual. You might buy a home, but it won’t be exactly what you what. It will be as close as possible to what you want.. but the ego will let you know what is ok and what is not
But in truth, it is the spirit that is best at telling you what you want and who you are. It is the simple things… not so important, that allow us to believe it’s alright for the spirit to take part. A person selecting a coffee, based on wants, can reveal a lot… for it is their spirit doing the talking, basing everything on feeling and not on logic from the ego.
We often worry about what others think, and make all kinds of decisions against what our spirit wants… but this not flowing with life, but going against the grain.
We must begin to feel life, and make our decisions by trusting our intuition…

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